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We are a Christian ministry that teaches doctrinal differences between Biblical Christianity and Mormonism. We present Bible truths in love and kindness (Ephesians 4:15).


For Christians, life is about that all encompassing relationship with the Living Jesus. Everything we know of importance, all that we have, and all that we do is for Him—because of His never-ending love for us. Our standard for our walk with Him is the Bible. It proclaims Him, prophesies of Him, and teaches us to know Him intimately. It is the flagship against which we test all truth. If something we hear does not line up with the teachings of Christ, his prophets, apostles, and disciples in the Word, would a Christian not question it? Truth matters!

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We were devout members of the LDS (Mormon) church for nearly 30 years when our youngest son was born again and challenged us to read the Bible like a child. The power of God's Word changed our lives.

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In over a decade as a ministry, we have created and compiled a plethora of resources for the purpose of educating and equipping Christians to share the Gospel with Mormons.

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The Gospel (good news) is the central foundation of the faith of a disciple of Jesus. But what is the Gospel? Learn more about the simple, beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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