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Unveiling Grace: The Film (Full Presentation)

Unveiling Grace: The Film (Full Presentation)

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Eight individuals...devoted, faithful Mormons, with unshakable testimonies and a sincere love for the LDS say that they have found something greater.

What could possibly cause them to abandon what they had held near and dear? What could draw them to step away from the very foundation of their lives? What life could they possibly have found beyond Mormonism? Come hear their stories. It may not be what you're thinking.

Micah Wilder was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. About six months into his mission, he had an encounter with a pastor who challenged him to read the Bible to see if what Mormonism taught was truly biblical. What ensued was something remarkable. Through his study of God's Word, the Bible, he had a personal, life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. And in the process, he came to understand that Mormonism's teachings did not come from the Bible.

His discovery and his experiences were shared with his fellow missionaries and family members, many of whom came to the same understanding as Micah through their own study of God's Word.

This film tells their story, and proclaims a message of God's rich, abundant, and amazing grace, which frees us from the bondage of sin, fear, and religion...and sets us free to worship God in spirit and in truth!

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